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Special Education and 504 Services Legal Framework

Options and Requirements For Providing Assistance to Students Who Have Learning Difficulties or Who Need or May Need Special Education

If  a child is experiencing learning difficulties, the parent may contact the person below to learn about the district's overall general education referral or screening system for support services. This system links students to a variety of support options, including referral for a special education evaluation. Students having difficulty in the regular classroom should be considered for tutorial, compensatory, and other support services that are available to all students.

At any time, a parent is entitled to request an evaluation for special education services. Within a reasonable amount of time, the district must decide if the evaluation is needed. If evaluation is needed, the parent will be notified and asked to provide consent for the evaluation. The district must complete the evaluation and the report within 60 calendar days of the date of the district receives the written consent. The district must give a copy of the report to the parent.

If the district determines that the evaluation is not needed, the district will provide the parent with a written notice that explains why the child will not be evaluated. This written notice will include a statement that informs the parent of their rights if they disagree with the district. Additionally, the notice must inform the parent how to obtain a copy of the Notice of Procedural Safeguards- Rights of Parents of Students with Disabilities.

The designated person to contact regarding options for a child experiencing learning difficulties of a referral for evaluation for special education on each campus is the campus principal or counselor.

Elementary - 806-874-3855
Junior High - 806-874-3232
High School - 806-874-2181
Counselor - 806-874-4355

Legal Framework

Transition Guide

504 Child Find Notice

Pursuant to Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the District has a duty to identify, refer, evaluate and if eligible, provide a free, appropriate public education to disabled students.  For additional information about the rights of parents of eligible children, or for answers to any questions you might have about identification, evaluation and placement into Section 504 programs, please contact the District's Section 504 Coordinator, Leslie Norrell at 806-874-4304 or by mail at P.O. Box 610 Clarendon, TX 79226.

Aviso Sobre La Identificacin de Estudiantes Incapacitados bajo la Seccin 504

Bajo la Seccin 504 del Decreto de Rehabilitacin de 1973, el Distrito Escolar esta obligado a identificar, referir, evaluar, y proporcionar servicios educativos apropriados y gratuitos a estudiantes incapacitados que califican para recibir servicios bajo esta ley. Si usted desea mas informacin sobre los derechos de padres de nios incapacitados, o si tiene preguntas sobre la identificacin, evaluacin, y colocacin de nios en el programa de Seccin 504, favor de ponerse in contacto con el Coordinador de 504 del Distrito, Leslie Norrell al numero 806-874-4304, o por correo a la siguiente direccin: P.O. Box 610 Clarendon, TX 79226.

HB 657 Notice to Parents of Children Receiving Special Education Services

The 85th Texas Legislature recently passed legislation (HB 657) which pertains to students who receive special education services under Texas Education Code, Chapter 29, subchapter A.

All students taking state assessment (STAAR), including students receiving special education services, are subject to grade-advancement requirements and participation in an accelerated instruction program. However, HB 657 requires the Admission, Review, Dismissal (ARD) committee to make decisions regarding both grade placement and participation in an accelerated instruction program in certain circumstances.

HB 657 states that if a 5th or 8th grade student receiving special education services does not perform satisfactorily on STAAR in reading or mathematics, the ARD committee must meet prior to the second administration of the test. The ARD committee must determine the manner in which the student will participate in an accelerated instruction program and whether the student will be promoted or retained.

When deciding between promotion and retention, the ARD committee may promote the student if the student made sufficient progress on the measurable academic goals in the student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP), despite not performing satisfactorily on the reading or mathematics STAAR test. If promoted, the school district is not required to provide the student additional opportunities to perform satisfactorily on the STAAR test.

Additional information regarding promotion can be found in the Student Success Initiative (SSI) Manual, which can be accessed online at http://tea.texas.gov/student.assessment/ssi/.

If you have questions, please contact Lanna Reeves (special education coordinator or director) at 806- 256-2592 ext 5.